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 Call Your friends, make new friends..!

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Call Your friends, make new friends..! Empty
PostCall Your friends, make new friends..!

Iih , I just love the forum, and specially the new blog app,, I've already used it twice today..! And Off course I have to like it, afterall it was Me Making It, But Thanks to Admin for makin' me Admin Too ... <3
Okey So I really Wan't this page to be for Harry Potter fans, where they Can get new fans, who like them loves HP,, So Call all ya friends, & let them meet new friends, & Just hang out, write in the forum,.. This is not because we need people or somethin' Don't think Like That, But Because I love people. But We Don't Wan't This To Be Like Facebook or somethin'
This is still a HP Page, & I Love it for that.. How Great of fun don't we have, at Quidditch cups and turnaments..! I can off course only speak of my self, but I remember last time we had a match, o there was at least 100 post a minute.. But how sadly that forum got deleted.. (by a mistake off course)..
So people be like me (joking) but seriusly some of you only write PM's with each other, ? Why !
Go to the fora and play some RPG, Admin dosn't get mad when It sometimes go Out of Topic, She is Really Understanding...
We are Doing a lot of things for you fans..!
For example The Hogwarts 3 month Education !
I love that idea (mostly because I'm a part of it) but anyways..
Check the link if you have questions:

Also theres another cup comming up, well I exited to see who wins this year..!

We are planning great things for our members.. (Me&admin)
So keep an eye on the forum.. (as you can see I have alreade changed it alot)
But one bad new ;(
School (real school) starts tommorrow.. So me , admin, aqua, selin, and the others probally don't have to much time..
But I'm glad to have met some new people here today, they say they have time to be active & would like to help out if you had questions..
But I PROMISE, that even with school I will be here more often, because we all here share the same passion .. (Harry Potter)
So With Peace, Love & My Blessings.. <3

HoggyWarterZ Are Wiinning This YEars Cup ! YEAH !! .. <3
Nobydy outruns the Masters of Gringotts (;
Seeking new bestfriend.. Write if interested..
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Call Your friends, make new friends..! :: Comments

Re: Call Your friends, make new friends..!
Post Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:35 pm by GreenPeace
im exited too the H3E Starts (:
Quote from nNazoo (PM) (,, the Hogwarts 3 months Education '' )
Re: Call Your friends, make new friends..!
Post Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:36 pm by Nazoo
me too , I'm Thinkin' It's Gonna e GreaT <3
HH ... H3E..
Nce Name I found there Huh ≤

Call Your friends, make new friends..!

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